Bulldog Club Continues To Grow In 2007-08

Bulldog Club Continues To Grow In 2007-08

July 14, 2008

2007-08 Bulldog Club Members | Join the Bulldog Club

Indianapolis, Ind. - For the second straight year, the Butler Athletic Department is pleased to announce that membership in the Bulldog Club has seen a considerable increase.

A total of 1,703 members contributed to the Bulldog Club in 2007-08 -- up from 1,524 members during the 2006-07 year -- which represents an 11.7 percent increase in members. This is the second record year in a row after closing out the 2005-06 year with 996 members just two years ago.

"Our 1,703 members are vital for the future success of our department," Athletic Director Barry Collier said. "The alumni, fans and friends that make up our Bulldog Club membership are committed to seeing Butler Athletics reach new heights, and we commend them for their commitment to The Butler Way."

In addition to the increase in members, 50.1 percent of those that renewed their membership increased their gift in 2007-08.

"To see more than half of our members increase their donation over the previous year is remarkable," Collier said. "We salute and thank all Bulldog Club members for their loyalty."

Gifts from Bulldog Club members helped the Athletic Department in a variety of ways over the past year and will continue to do so in coming years. Bulldog Club gifts have provided Butler student-athletes with academic support programs, uniforms, up-to-date training facilities and equipment, team travel, the finest coaches and other essential elements to support Butler's 19 NCAA Division I teams.

"Supporting our teams is an on-going process and one that needs our attention everyday," commented Mike Freeman, Manager of External Operations. "We feel our membership number of 1,703 shows our student-athletes that the Butler community believes in their pursuits on the field and in the classroom."

For more information about joining the 1,703 Bulldog Club members by making a gift to the Athletic Department, contact Freeman at 317-940-6452 or msfreema@butler.edu.