Being a Student Host

Butler coaches rely on their current student-athletes to serve as "student hosts" to prospective student-athletes who visit campus. The responsibility of serving as a student host goes beyond what the coach may expect. The NCAA has a number of rules regarding the permissible behavior of enrolled student-athletes when they act as student hosts:

  • The student host MAY BE provided with a maximum of $30/day to entertain the prospect, the prospect's parents (legal guardians) or spouse. Other student-athletes may accompany the host and prospect, but will be responsible for paying for their own entertainment.
  • Student host money MAY NOT be given directly to the visiting prospect nor may it be used to purchase gifts for the prospect.
  • The student host MAY NOT transport the prospect or anyone accompanying the prospect more than 30 miles from campus. It also is not permissible to use transportation secured by Butler staff members or boosters during the prospect's official visit.
  • The student host SHOULD NOT allow recruiting conversations to occur between the prospect and a booster.
  • The prospect MAY participate in athletic activities involving or related to the sport for which the prospect is being recruited provided that no Butler coaches of the sport are observing the activity and participation is at the prospect's request.
  • The student host IS RESPONSIBLE for turning in any receipts and/or remaining cash from the funds advanced for the prospect's visit.

The student host will be required to sign a Student Host Instruction Sheet prior to the prospect's arrival, and complete a Student Host Expense Report after the prospect's departure. These forms will be administered by the appropriate head coach and submitted to the assistant athletic director for compliance.