BU Baseball's Iron Man Challenge Underway

The Butler baseball players are back on campus for the spring semester and they're working hard to get ready for the 2010 season. The Bulldogs are currently competing against each other in the team's Iron Man Challenge.

Butler team captains Jared Wagoner and Grant Fillipitch selected teams in a draft before holiday break in December. Wagoner's team claimed the first event of the challenge, a timed mile run. Each Bulldog player is to run a mile in 6:00 or less. The two best times in the mile run were Jared Wagoner (4:51) and Jack Dillon (4:54).

Upcoming events include the Towel Hang, X-Games Relay, a freestyle swim, SPARQ test and the Swedish shuttle run. This is the second year the team has implemented the Iron Man Challenge to its preseason condition program.