Butler Baseball Ironman #2

Butler Baseball Ironman #2

Butler baseball's Ironman Challenge continues as the Bulldogs competed in the contest's second event, the Towel Hang. In this event players use both hands to hang on as long as possible to a towel draped over a pull up bar.

Team Wagoner won by hanging on for a total of 885.59 seconds. Team Fillipitch hung on for 810.46 seconds. The individual winner of the event was Billy Laing with a time of 1:12.57. Second place went to Jack Dillon at 1:12.41. Third place went to Jack Krause at 1:09.88.

Event #3, the X-Games Relay, will be held on Monday, Jan. 18.

Iron Man Challege, Cumulative Results
Event #1: Mile Run
Top 3 finishers- Jared Wagoner, Jack Dillon, Mike Hernandez

Event #2: Towel Hang
Top 3 finishers- Billy Laing, Jack Dillon, Jack Krause