Q & A With Former Bulldog Jeff Brown

Q & A With Former Bulldog Jeff Brown

Aug. 13, 2008

Butler head coach Steve Farley sits down to chat with former Butler infielder and current professional baseball player Jeff Brown.

This is your second year with Traverse City in the Frontier League. Any big differences you notice this year compared to being a rookie last season?
"The biggest differenc this year from last is that I am more aware of what to expect, from how things are done at a professional level to how the pitchers try to get you out. Also I have had the opportunity to play with more professional players this year that have a lot of experience and have played for many different organizations, which allows me to pick their brains to learn more about the game."

What's the best thing about being a minor league baseball player? What's the worst thing?
"The best thing is having the opportunity to play baseball. The fact that we get to play in front of good crowds and in some nice ballparks is a plus. The worst thing has to be the travel. Playing in Traverse City means that all of the trips are over eight hours."

You also work for the NFL Indianapolis Colts during their regular season. Tell us about your duties and how you came to work for them.
"When I was a junior in high school, I got the opportunity to become a ballboy for the Indianapolis Colts. Over the years my responsibilities have increased. Some days I work practices and spot the ball for scripted plays. I also warm up Peyton Manning before the game and during the game I am a ballboy. I work for the equipment staff so I help them to keep the players equiped with their needs."

You are working towards your Master's Degree at Butler. How tough has it been to juggle academics, baseball, your Colts job, social life, etc.?
"I enjoy being busy and with all of my duties and repsonsibilities I stay occupied. Everything that I do is enjoyable to me so it makes my weeks go by fast. I get to go from coaching baseball to working with NFL players, all while working for my masters. I want to coach at the collegiate level someday and I feel like everything that I am involved right now will help me reach that goal."