Getting To Know You: Mandy McDivitt

Getting To Know You: Mandy McDivitt

Mandy McDivitt came to Butler now for her shooting. Now a junior, she's become BU's best perimeter defender. checked in with the Connersville, Ind., native this week. McDivitt is known by her teammates as a quiet leader, a workhorse and a country girl at heart.

Q: Coach Couture has made it clear that you are the best defensive player on her team. Talk about the importance of defense and how you take pride in this role.

Mandy McDivitt: "I just really take pride in defense. It's fun for me to guard the other team's best players and I honestly love doing it. It is one of my strengths and I take pride in it knowing that is helps the team. It honestly comes natural to me."

Q: You are known by your teammates as being quiet and more reserved. Being one of the only upperclassmen, how do you lead your younger teammates?

MM: "I think I lead by example for the most part. I'm not a very vocal leader yet, so I try to lead by how I play on the court and my work ethic in the weight room. I think the younger girls see the way I work and respect that. I know what it takes to win because I've been here a few more years."

Q: After playing for two years in the Horizon League, what are your feelings about moving to the Atlantic 10 conference this season? What are the pros and cons of this move?

MM: "I am excited to move on to a new conference. The pros are that we get to travel more, including some charter flights. I really don't see any cons. We're going to be playing better competition and I think overall it is going to be a better experience."

Q: What makes you tick on the court? Is there anything that gets you extra pumped up to play?

MM: "When my teammates make big defensive plays or make nice passes it gets me really pumped up, like when Taylor [Schippers] makes a no look pass to Strat [Liz Stratman] or Daress [McClung]. Before games listening to music gets me excited and ready to go."

Q: What is your most memorable moment since being a Butler basketball player?

MM: "When we beat Indiana earlier this year. That was one of my favorite memories because it was a good overall game for us and we were all excited. Another game that sticks out is the Ball State game my freshman year. We won in double overtime and it came down to us freshmen at the end because everyone had fouled out!"

Q: What about off the floor?

MM: "There are so many memories I'm not sure if I could pick just one."

Q: What is the best part about being a Bulldog?

MM: "The best part is having a family within the team. All of these girls are my friends and treat each other like family. I just love that part about it. We would do anything for each other and I love being in that atmosphere."

Q: What is something most Bulldog fans do not know about you?

MM: "I love to hunt, especially deer and squirrels. I also like to go 4-wheeling and I drive a bright blue truck."