Hey everyone! So, a long time as passed since I've written so lets catch up! Thanksgiving break was great! I was able to catch up with family and friends quickly because I hadn't been home all semester. It was relaxing but such a tease of a break because it was only a week long and then 3 more weeks of school started!

The last two weeks of classes were intensely hectic. Every professor was squeezing in last- minute chapter exams and papers. Needless to say, I lived at the library for too many hours instead of sleeping. Then came finals week. I was lucky I only had three finals instead of five during finals week, and these finals were the first two days! So, I could go home earlier than most students here. All of the hours spent studying worked out in the end with the fabulous GPA I achieved and great grades.

Then was Christmas break which was three weeks of pure relaxation! I hung out with my two brothers and sister quite a bit around the house. After a long and stressful semester, relaxation was what I needed. I visited the city a few times and was snowed in around Christmas day which was beautiful! Nothing beats Chicago snow to me. Snow always enhances the holidays so it was awesome. And of course I went sledding! No injuries! Break was amazing!
So, back to BU for spring semester! Eighteen credit hours and spring-season conditioning. Four months until finals! I'm already counting the days!

Thanks for reading!